Advanced Machinery and Capabilities

AMCO Precision Tools, Inc.

APT is  ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Registered


Since 1966, AMCO Precision Tools, Inc. has provided custom tooling and grinding and grown into a premier machining source.

Specializing in intricate aerospace and commercial parts, we combine quality materials with the latest technology to provide a wide range of services.

Here at AMCO Precision Tools, Inc., we are dedicated to excellence in machining at a reasonable cost through effective quality planning and efficient value stream processing. Our focus on continued learning and training allows us to strive for excellence in all that we do.


Precision 3- and 4-Axis CNC Milling, 3-D Milling, 2-, 3-, 4-, & 5-axis CNC Turning and Ram and Wire CNC EDM Work.

Industries Served

Custom tooling, grinding and machining for aerospace and commercial needs.

We are skilled in prototype, R&D and casting work. We design and build, in-house, all work-holding fixtures for casting and specialty parts. AMCO can provide a variety of support services to meet customer specifications, from purchasing raw materials to plating, heat treating and special coatings, assembly and testing.