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AMCO mold making machine
  CNC machine
AMCO has full EDM Capability

AMCO Capabilities And Materials


• Precision 3- and 4-Axis CNC Milling
• 3-D Milling
• 2-, 3- and 4-axis CNC Turning
• Ram and Wire CNC EDM Work

Materials Utilized

For Machining   For EDM Work
• Common Steels
• Aerospace Superalloys
• Titanium
• Tool Steels
• Nonferrous Steels
• All Types of Plastics
• DMLS and EBM Grown Material

• Carbide
• All Other Types of Electrically   Conductive Materials

Work Capabilities

Turning - up to 20" diameter and 40" long
Milling - up to 20 wide x 40 long
Wire EDM - up to 8" wide x 12" long x 7" high
Die-Sinker EDM - up to 9.9" wide x 11.9" long x 9.8" high
Working Tolerances - typically done to ±.0001

We are also skilled in prototype, R & D and casting work. We design and build, in-house, all work-holding fixtures for casting and specialty parts. In addition, we recently added mold designing and mold building to our list of capabilities. AMCO can provide a variety of support services to meet customer specifications, from purchasing raw materials, to plating, heat treating and special coatings, to assembly and testing.



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